If you were a god, would you build
an earth like this one? Clearly you
are a god to yourself, a god who dies . . .
even so, there’s time to build a smaller
planet, just not one as large as this.

You are a god to the ant who crawls
across your concrete driveway.
You didn’t create the ant, but you
can un-create it in a second, simply
by lifting your shoe.

But then you would be like so many
other gods, not evil but capricious,
perhaps bored, while always ready
to fall back on the mysterious plan
of the almighty . . . something ants
can never see.

If you were a god, would you build
a better earth? The only thing to change,
if you were tired or unimaginative,
would be to give ants the ability
to see gods.

Ward Kelley
This is WARD KELLEY's fourth appearance in                                      .
The Adirondack Review