The soul is split, a schism with
two halves, a divide with dual

but conflicting pieces. One side
lives, the other is in death, and

our spirit or conscious will slide
from one to the other, conspiring

with points of death and life.
The body has no choice but dies

or becomes according to the odd
whims of its own spirit, nor can

the body ever detect when the slide
is about to occur, the task completed.

We can receive whispers from the other
half in dreams, just as someday we'll

hear flicks of the living within our vibrant
dreams of death, another task completing.

Ward Kelley

WARD KELLEY has seen more than 1200 of his poems appear in journals worldwide. He is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee whose publication credits include such journals as: ACM (Another Chicago Magazine), Rattle, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Ginger Hill, Pif, 2River View, The Animist, and others. He was the recipient of the Nassau Review Poetry Award for 2001.  This is his second appearance in The Adirondack Review.