WE USED TO BE ON FIRE by Bani Kinnison
Winter 2003

Volume IV,
No. 3
Jeffery Bahr
Another Poem About the Moon and Stars
SEAT IN CITY by Bani Kinnison
The Adirondack Review
ISSN: 1533-2063
The Adirondack Review is a publication of Black Lawrence Press
"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

-- Frank Attanasia
Interview with J. P. Dancing Bear
by Kathryn Wagner
Featured Poet
Denise Duhamel
Denise Duhamel
John Eidswick
Puffs of Air
Ellen Dudley
Letter from the Road
Martha Carlson-Bradley
What We Do
Richard Williams
The Orphan and the Caterpillar
Michael McManus
The Fire Keeper
Interview with Robert Klein Engler
by Kathryn Wagner
George Drew
The View from Annie's Desk
Interview with Lee Gutkind
by Kathryn Wagner
Lee Gutkind
Joshua Butts
How I Felt at the Party
Rebecca Cook
Our Habit of Holes
Ian Finch
Of Consequence
The Dissolving Island by David Rigsbee
Book Reviews at TAR
Scott Coffel
The Cloisters
Ward Kelley
Gods and Ants
Paul Guest
Consolation for Virgil
First Flight
William Winfield Wright
The Rider
Rachel Dacus
A Road Trip
The 46er Prize for Short Fiction
Spring 2004 issue evolving now, with new work from:

Scott Coffel
Paul Guest
Judith Harway
Lesley Jenike
Paul McGlynn
Erin Pringle
David Rigsbee (featured)

and others
Stephen Gullion
A Flute Named Desire
Joel Gunderson
It Was Like the Mountains Around York
Lennart Lundh
Christ Comes Back
Judge: Lee Upton