Winter 2001
Volume II, No. 3
Featured Poet: Frank Matagrano
Michael Waters
Green Ash, Red Maple, Black Gum
D.C. Berry
HAMLET OFF-STAGE: Monty Brings Out The Mama In Them
HAMLET OFF-STAGE: Hambone Two Tongue
Rochelle Mass
I Should Have Gone to China
Nicholas Barnes
The Control of Nature
Bill Trudo
Stock Analyst at 39
* A Cloud in the Shape of My Ex-
* My Daughter, the Bookmark
* On Business for Three Days in Indiana
* Providing the Elegy
* Saving Hackensack, New Jersey
* Self Portrait with Open Window
* Waiting with Alexandria for Her Mom
Frank Matagrano
Glen Vecchione
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
Questions of Dress
Richard Freed
Postcards from Noordwijk
r l swihart
In Sepia
C.J. Sage
Cubist's Nude, Reclined
Eric Falci
The Weight of Ice and Fire
Janet Buck
Simple Things
Spring 2002 issue evolving now
The Adirondack Review
The Adirondack Review
Spring 2002 Issue
Evolving Now

Featuring Work by:

Allan Peterson
Helen Ruggieri
Robert Klein Engler
Natalia Michalev
Nathan Leslie
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