RICHARD C. WILLIAMS currently resides in New York City with his significant other, and six feline companions. He is a graphics/web designer, and editor of the innovative poetry journal Pierian Springs. His work has been published, or is scheduled for publication, in the following journals: Artemis Journal, Snow Monkey, Niederngasse, Comrades, 3rd Muse, The Green Tricycle, Little Brown Poetry, and Pig Iron Malt, among others. Williams is currently seeking the appropriate press for his first collection of poetry entitled Blue. He can be reached via email at

And so, beneath the jagged arm of spruce,
I’ll write a charm to bless the caterpillars,
coax them from their intricate huts of bark
and frond hammocks; it is for them today
that the fishbone clouds converge to form wings —
not those of a ghostly moth or grimacing owl,
but the spotted orange of ilk and elders, a gesture
of change for these infants — these dozers in dappled sun.
Under cobalt miles, tissued pinafores beckon
from their amazing height, whirling to a crux:
We’re always following something, even I,
applying a sky’s meager blue to the black gift
of my ink, the oil-like fluid that deems me
the orphan of something purely unacceptable.

Richard Williams
The Adirondack Review