Morning rays, like an abundance
of wheat, splash on and through the falls
and rivulets: sky to water and back again.
Speaking with fish, I hunt my other in the stones,
in the gold runnels, in archaic voices that live 
within the hills, the clefts of rock, the cryptic forest.
The wind gossips through the pine boughs,
then returns as song.
I look for my twin in the rage of current
before the water turns to vapor —
until nothing is left but the burning gold.

Marc Widershien
MARC WIDERSHIEN, Ph.D., a native Bostonian, at 18, began writing poetry, and studied with Samuel French Morse, John Malcolm Brinnin, Robert Lowell, and Daisy Aldan.  His visit to Rapallo, Italy in August, 1966, to meet the American expatriate poet, Ezra Pound, was a life altering experience that made him determined him to be a writer. Marc Widershien has published in nearly 200 magazines, journals, and newspapers. He is a poet, translator, book reviewer, essayist, teacher and editor. He is currently on the faculty of  Springfield College, School of Human Services and is a member of the advisory board of the distinguished international magazine of ideas and opinions, the new renaissance (tnr). His current book, The Life of All Worlds, from Ibbetson Street Press, is now in its third edition, with an introduction by Lawrence Murphy.  He is married to the mezzo-soprano, D'Anna Fortunato, and has two sons, Erik and Adam.