When I was little
My sister and I would watch the headlights
Rushing by
We were never drowsy
Just bored
So we tried to count the lights
Like stars

Our parents never watched the lights
They watched the road
Their hearts were asleep at the wheel

I'm not little any more
But still my friends and I watch the headlights
We're still bored and now, it seems,
Perpetually sleepy
So we play games to stay alive
Looking for padiddles
Looking for burnt-out stars

The problem I see
With getting old is that
You get discouraged
You give up too easily
The physical exhaustion
Buries itself deep inside
Then you stop playing games
You stop watching the headlights

Allyson Whipple


We all line up quite nicely
five shoulder to shoulder
on the bench on the corner
waiting for the bus to arrive
trying to avoid that drunk boy's eyes

Allyson Whipple
ALLYSON WHIPPLE is a beginning writer. Although she writes a little fiction, she focuses mainly on poetry. She is a sophomore English major at Kenyon College, where she also works on the newspaper, one of the college's three literary magazines, and competes with the ballroom dance team. This is her first appearance in The Adirondack Review.
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