Faith's perched on a pedestal of words,
as every pyromaniac glows, as every cleric
yearning to be a host chokes on.

The words discharge from the nucleus
of smoke, & the dim pyromaniac
strikes his match with sloth.

Better they detonate him now
while he doesn't exceed the burn.
But they fail & he drips skin on the coals.

The hoses are always turned on.
The firehouse has a flame-retarding suit
designed after him, the coldest of insects.

Because once he engulfed the papacy
with a single sigh.  Because once an effigy
he scorched the local cathedrals & theatres.

Because he mixed the ashes together,
and swore after being dunked into them,
he couldn't tell one from the other.

           Urquiza Vicente
URQUIZA VICENTE is an entrepeneur currently on sabbatical, attempting to become a professional golfer.  Recent work from Urquiza appears in: Miambiance, Blue Monk, Greenview Review, Exquisite Corpse, and Vespers.