at the local bar the women rise from the mist
of love so transparent the eye wavers with smoked light
and the men in their fog too see sheer veils that fall
across the female faces until they become something
of someone, of everyone lost to past mistakes
in the sleepwalk of loud music the shouts of kinetic energy
will jerk the crowd and it is bearable because
one sees so many smiles and stretched laughter
that they believe perhaps it is true and that this is the place
where some true voice will break the search and spew gold

Phibby Venable
PHIBBY VENABLE has seen her work published in various national and international print and e-zines, including the Circle, Appalachian Journal, Apple&Oranges, Southern Ocean Review, and 2River. Her chapbook is Indian Wind Song, due out in January 2003. Poems are also scheduled to appear in Poetrybay's January publication. Phibby holds a degree in social work and enjoys working with low income and handicapped people. She won the Virginia Water Project Award for most families served in the Appalachian area. (families were provided grants and workmen to install wells and indoor plumbing).