kein problem
so zu leben
kann mich leicht
auf's Lernen konzentrieren
acht Stunden Physik pro Tag
ein bißchen Stricken zwischendurch
und abends vor dem Fernsehen
muß nicht lesen
auf's Schreiben kann ich verzichten
und auf's Denken sowieso
eigentlich geht's mir wirklich gut
und meist vermisse ich mich
nicht einmal

Andrea Tillmanns


it's no problem
to live this way
I can easily
concentrate on learning
eigth hours of physics a day
some knitting in between
and TV in the evening
I don't have to read
can renounce writing
and thinking anyway
actually I really feel good
and mostly I do not even
miss myself

Andrea Tillmanns
ANDREA TILLMANNS, born in1972, lives in Aachen, Germany as a graduate student in physics. Her hobbies include writing, photography, ornithology, and music. Andrea started writing about six years ago. Since then her stories and poems have been published in various anthologies, magazines, and other media. For more information, see her homepage.
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