I read the number one cause of death (worldwide) isn't
toxic waste, cancer, noxious smoke--secondhand or
but mosquitoes. And it's only the females who strike!
They say
the meek will inherit the earth--but in the meantime
nice girls
finish last. So maybe, Ms. Mosquito, I'll learn one or two
from you. For instance, why should I wait for Mr. Right
to arrive,
for him to decide if we're dating or not, for the death of
my hopes
per his Let's just be friends? Maybe I should withdraw
entry, find
pleasure indiscriminately, take a bite out of life, brand
hot iron
with my lips--grasp le petit mort by the throat when I can

Robin Tettenhorst
ROBIN TETTENHORST is from the Columbus, Ohio area.  Her poetry has recently appeared in Mocha Memoirs and is forthcoming in The Kaleidoscope Review, among others. This is her first appearance in The Adirondack Review.