what comes of dresses unpurchased,
of dazzle left in the window.
after years of cartwheels in
the midnight kitchen
and agility wrenched from pennies,
against the frantic cries for the essential toy
and a dervish in the room next door
braced against the siren dance of the material,
what are their chances?
what happens to a certainty of seeing,
an insistence on lavender and lime
never brought to touch,
never laid to restore against depleted skin.
do these dresses simply remain motionless in boutiques, distant
but still somehow nourishing for the mere momentary rush.
or do they grow wings,
able to broadcast far and long
a message of condemnation of the will that rejected them
and settled instead for a procession of platitude.

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

YERMIYAHU AHRON TAUB is a librarian at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York and a poet who writes in English and Yiddish.  His English language poems have appeared in such publications as Chiron Review, Eclectica Magazine, Evergreen Chronicles, Fauquier Poetry Journal, Grasslands Review, James White Review, Kinesis, KotaPress Poetry Journal, Little Brown Poetry, Melic Review, Parnassus Literary Journal, Pearl, Pif Magazine, Prairie Schooner, Salt River Review, and Snakeskin. His Yiddish language poems have appeared in Der Bavebter Yid, Lilliput Review, Tsukunft, Yiddish Forward (Forverts), and Yugntruf.