In Avignon the Minotaur circled three times
in the dark before finally finding the in-ramp
to the parking garage beneath the Palais des Papes

In Frankfurt Ariadne's thread was followed
from hotel to hotel (all booked for some big convention)
until they ended up at the flea-bitten Warszawa

Only hours after admiring the Balzac in the Musee Rodin
Ariadne cuckolded Theseus for an upstart Jean-Claude --
contra myth -- and bolted with her lover to Berlin

r.l. swihart

R.L. SWIHART says, "Though I am many, I'll be contented to spotlight only my quadruplicate-self which, like a nested Matryoshka doll, consists of me and the-family-within: RLS (I'm shy, so until we're more intimate the initials will do), Ania (the devoted wife), Katia (started 1st grade in September), and Nadja (quite the fledgling at 2.5 yrs).   I read heavily.  Imbibe moderately.  Work when I have to (math teacher).  Am hounded by all nine muses at once."