by James Hammons
"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

— Frank Attanasia
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The St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book AwardThe St. Lawrence Book AwardThe St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book Award
Martin Ott
Shaman Gets Facelift After a Dream
Nancy Pearson
Song for the Scars
Sea Horses
Michael R. Moore
It Was Like a Dull Light
The Adirondack Review:  An On-line Quarterly of Literature and the Arts
Summer 2006

Volume VII,
No. 1
Barbara Milton
Halfway to Jerusalem
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Black Lawrence Press, publisher of THE ADIRONDACK REVIEW
The Adirondack Review
Black Lawrence Press, publisher of THE ADIRONDACK REVIEW
Black Lawrence Press, publisher of THE ADIRONDACK REVIEW
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Bryan Desjardins
Carnival Memories
Ticket to a Lonely Town by Bruce Henricksen
Reviewed by Colleen Ryor
Erica Adler
Summer Night
Rebecca Givens
The Town that Forgot How to Breathe by Kenneth J. Harvey
Reviewed by Lindsey Klingele
Willful Creatures by Aimee Bender
Reviewed by Diane Goettel
Amy Havel
Here's What I'll Give You
Brent Pallas
Emile Zola in a Photograph     with His Mistress, Circa 1900
Christine Horton
Why We Need So Many Fishtanks
Justin Vicari
For Your Kiss
Greg McBride
The Lawyer's Commute
Ladies with Casseroles
Jim Kober
Dive Suit
This is Not My Stop
Aaron Hollander
Mitchell Metz
Mmm Mmm Good
Christopher Nikoloff
The Genes that Make Us Human
John Powers
ERB Prep with Po Chu-I
Hettie Haudenschield
Conversations Held Since Your Death
Sabine Brigette
Eggs & Milk
Leonore Wilson
Athene Noctua
The Heifers
Geoffrey Schmidt
Valentine's Day in the City of Broad Shoulders
Gary Sloboda
The Old Men of Octavia Street
Jody Zodrager
Who Lived in a Shoe
James Reidel
A German Birthday
Nathan Pritts
Mr. Universe
Nancy Takacs
The Great American Jacket
Frank Haberle

Road to Haines
Kathy Flann
On The Charlie Applebaum Stage
C.L. Bledsoe
The Wall
Meg Donohue
Birds of a Feather
Beverly Brown
Willis Settle and the Sea Green Peignoirs
Tim Millas
The Brave
Meg Tansey
Park & Rec
Bonjour Again: An Interview
with D.Y. Béchard
Interview with former Adirondack Review French editor D.Y. Béchard, whose new novel just came out from Doubleday Canada
D.Y. Béchard
Interview by Colleen Marie Ryor
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
translated from the German by Daniele Pantano
Swiss poet Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Jarhead starring Jake Gyllenhaal
Reviewed by Diane Goettel