The Adirondack Review
P o e t r y
F i c t i o n
Ace Boggess:
To Xavier Zubiri, Much Obliged
Jennifer Poteet:
Roadmaps Upon Embracing
Janet Buck:
Roaches Running from the Light
Tired Spoons
James Owens:
The Sort of Things I Saw When I Was Keeping a Journal and Intending to Show it to You Someday
Featured Poet:
Andrena Zawinski
Volume II, No. 1
    Summer 2001
Teresa White:
The Fifty-Minute Hour
Walt McDonald:
That Granite Balanced Above Us
Jogging at Sixty-Five
Frank Matagrano:
Self Portrait with Open Window
Twenty-Six Years After Nixon's Resignation
Joseph Lisowski:
Why I Like Pittsburgh
Pamela Lee Cranston:
The Blue Boat
David Chorlton:
Akropolis Express
Ace Boggess:
Together, Nearly Nowhere
F r e n c h    &   G e r m a n
James Hammons:
Make Green
James Owens: Two Original Poems
Une théorie des rêves
Une voix
Translations Past
© Teresa White
David Chorlton:
Poetry of Hans Raimund translated from the German
Don Taylor:
Long to Know
Marged Howley:
Thanks, Bukowski
John Amen: