Bright showroom: waiting for the TV
we've won, our faces float through the screens
of this year's models.  We act like

situation comedies, then the news.
Mimics unite.  Is this a laugh on real
life or a mask we cannot take off, put down?

Such as we are, we are here on the air,
reel one of the rerun of that most un-
forgettable serial, A Day in the Life.

Medium, indeed.  The stars play out
our perfect games, lust to dust.  The plot
zigzags as often as there are sets

and there are banks of sets.
Dubbed down one dimension, how
we become them, but not so pretty.

Our human heart-to-heart broken,
the grand prize eyes us up, material
for the next incredible episode.

A. E. Stringer
A.E. STRINGER has one book, Channel Markers, from Wesleyan University Press. His poems have appeared in Colorado Review, Ohio Review, Denver Quarterly, and Southern Poetry Review, among others.  He teaches at Marshall University.
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