PALMISTRY by Bani Kinnison
Spring 2005

Volume V, No. 2
PALMISTRY by Bani Kinnison
Frank Matagrano
Leaving the Burn Ward at Bernard Mitchell Hospital
"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

— Frank Attanasia
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The Empire of Light by David Czuchlewski
Reviewed by Ace Boggess
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The St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book AwardThe St. Lawrence Book AwardThe St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book Award
Ruth Kessler
Night Flight to the Holy Land
But for these Damning Suns
Allan Peterson
The Uses of Nature
Featured Poet
Bob Hicok
Hailey Campbell
Nebraska: The Good Life
Nathan Parker
Bring Guns
Elmira Summer
Greg McBride
The Trout
Erica Bernheim
63rd and Pulaski
Million Dollar Baby
Reviewed by Rawn James, Jr.
Kurt Krigbaum
Noli and Fili
Simone dos Anjos
Sad Woman
Oriental Prince to His Eldest Brother
Ander Monson
Self-Portrait with Unusually Convincing Loon Cry
Judith Harway
Alex Cigale
A Chronicle of Calamities
Jayne Pupek
James Reidel
A German Birthday
David Rigsbee
An Interview with David Rigsbee
and Eleven Poems
Steven Gillis
Erica Adler
Summer Night
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