WINDOW SCENE by Bani Kinnison
Spring 2004

Volume IV, No. 4
Featured Poet
David Rigsbee
WINDOW SCENE by Bani Kinnison
David Rigsbee
The 46er Prize for Short Fiction
Erin Pringle
Judge: Lee Upton
Nahrain Al-Mousawi
Nefertiti’s Ugly Sister, or What You’d Never Do

Marc Widershien
The Other One

Barry Seiler
Approaching Spring
Scott Coffel
Good Earth, I Can't Sleep
Paul Guest
Notes for My Body Double
Pluto's Loss
Lesley Jenike
The Revelator
Music Theory
Paul McGlynn
Holy Flash and Fire
Judith Harway
The Lizard
Michael Northrop
Low Down
John Michael Cummings
Crows and Sparrows
"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

-- Frank Attanasia
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Nicole Hefner
The Love of Adam Stanzi