The Adirondack Review
Elizabeth Routen
An Open Letter To Thomas Wolfe
Lola Haskins's Rim Benders
C.J. Sage's Let's Not Sleep
Nathan Leslie
The Ring
Lad Moore
Opptin' the Saltbays
Natalia Michalev
Bonsai Trees
Helen Ruggieri
Funeral on a Rainy Morning
Adirondack Voices
Pamela Cranston
Cracking Through Stone Water
Riding the Ausable Club Bus
Jonathan Minton
The Worm Grunter
French & German
Johannes Beilharz
Hugo Hofmannsthal:
Four Poems
Featured Poet  Allan Peterson
Joseph Marquis Boutin
Great Falls Soliloquy
Allan Peterson
David Chorlton
Kevin Allen
Wasn't In The Picture
Kelley White
Cinema Verite
Richard Jordan
Frank Attanasia
East Shore of Schroon Lake
K.C. Hutchinson
Trading Favors
Joshua Edwards
Blake Winter's Birthday
(or, "The Obscurity of the Problem
and the Brevity of a Man's Life")
Roy Andrews
Two Brothers
Janet Buck
The Black Bathroom
Courting the Forming Stone
Allan Peterson, Featured Poet
Sixteen Poems
Robert Klein Engler
Child's Play
Charlene Langfur
With My Father in the Hospital
"Ghosts from the Café du Monde" by Robert Klein Engler
Spring 2002
Volume II, No. 4
Adirondack Review
The Adirondack Review
Robert Klein Engler
Ghosts from the Café du Monde
© Robert Klein Engler
TAR Interviews Allan Peterson
by Ace Boggess
Coral Hull
Bird in Banff
TAR Summer 2002: Volume III, No. 1
Summer 2002 Issue Evolving now, including work by

J.P. Dancing Bear
Edward Byrne
Lola Haskins
Nathan Hoks
Ann Lederer
Barbara Lefcowitz
Walt McDonald
Kenneth Pobo
Jorge Sánchez
John Sweet
Ian Randall Wilson

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"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

-- Frank Attanasia