I believe in myself
because the man getting out
of the taxi has a moustache.

Due to the tall man wearing a red shirt,
the bank closed.

Consequently the spotted dog wagged its tail
and the boy climbed an apple tree.

The pencils in draftsman's drawer
mewed like siamese cats.

Since Mrs Plum dunked her doughnut
into her milk,
the larks sang.

But the old man again mistook the church
for a flowershop.

A boy rode a bicycle
down the hill
and vanished inside the wind.

When the prim lady unfolded her napkin
in a French restaurant,
churchbells rang.

Mr Nims' pocketwatch
believed in virtue
greater than three o'clock
on Sunday
and less than midnight
on weekdays.

We are all riding a black horse
through a covered bridge
at the end of a long, dark sentence.

We light our torches
on dull phrases.

Faith has devoured us,
we are followers
of our followers.

The beginning is in sight.

Ernest Slyman
ERNEST SLYMAN is a featured poet and fiction writer at the Alsop Review. He has also been published in over a hundred zines, as well as the Bedford Introduction to Literature, and the Bedford Introduction to Poetry, both from St. Martins Press and edited by Nicolas Meyer. Slyman hosts The Poet Watch, which awards poetry sites for their "significant contributions to the World Wide Web."