The Adirondack Review

In your lying mouth
I didn't know I'd become
aniseblack gum.  Instead,
I thought your teeth were my own mortar,
that I would grind myself clean
against you.

Last night, under the Meyer lemon,
I found two cat-dragged wings.
I buried them,
salt and sage and cedar,
a red ribbon from your Christmas box.
Now the crow's head is there,
its milked-over eye
wanting nothing, its
muddy beak closed.
I find a spine, too,
a licorice whip with one feather.
I water the lemon tree,
this accidental rest.

J Rhodes is a writer, teacher, and tech geek living in southern California. She is the founding co-editor of, an online journal focusing on writing and materiality, and . Her creative work has appeared in QP: Queer Poetry, Computers & Composition, and Woodtick. She is currently working on Finn, a graphic novel.