We go on, we go on
and over miles and under landscapes
my body turned into a passport:
paper stamped with entrances, exits
then ash. I've seen so many fires
go out in cold, foreign rooms.
Coup d'etats have blown over,
countries were renamed;
I'm still dazed
by the violent wake
of morning.
Make me warm.
Let's trace the cities we know.
The hometown where we finally stop
to quench our thirst and rest
is where you and I begin and end.

           Jennifer Poteet

JENNIFER POTEET lives in suburban/urban New Jersey. She is active in the
NYC poetry scene and her poetry has appeared in Samsara Quarterly, Stirring,
The Melic Review, 2RiverView, The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, Thunder Sandwich, Poet's Canvas, The Eclipse, Bovine Free Wyoming! and many other on-line journals. There is work forthcoming in the print journal Skidrow Penthouse. Jennifer is currently at work on her first collection of poetry.