She spun it on the chopping board,
a short blade in hand
about to split

it. I interjected by telling her
how a barman in Rhodes once told me
a lemon is like the original breast
-- seething in its skin
and bitter to the mouth
that kisses it.

"Yes," she said,
"but I'm not your mother,"
and she cut it in two.

Sebastian Levy
SEBASTIAN LEVY was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1965. He studied in Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated with a BSc. He also completed a number of postgraduate courses, all in technical related disciplines. He now lives in Dublin and works as a Technical Program Manager. He likes golf and even plays in the U.S. one week a year. He listens to Leonard Cohen, Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. He's addicted to the writings of Ann Carson. He's had several publications in e-zines and print down the years, most recently in Can We have Our Ball Back? and Disquieting Muses. He takes the occasional pint, when asked.