While God and mother looked away
Her brown body
Slid between the glittery blue water
And as silently as a shadow
Slipped to the bottom of the pool
Where in five feet of depth,
Two less than her years,
She drowned unobserved
In a commotion of ripples
And a spate of rushing bubbles.

Three days later,
On a sunlit summer morning,
She was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery.
The mourners did not question gravity
Or the other principles of physical law
As they heard again about the Resurrection.
And in spite of the heat that week
Nobody swam in the pool.

Peter Leverich
PETER LEVERICH has been writing poetry for the past 30 years, but has only recently begun to  submit work for publication. He is the CEO of a computer software company located on Long Island. This is his first appearance in The Adirondack Review.
The Adirondack Review
*An object immersed in a fluid experiences a buoyant force that is equal  in magnitude to the force of gravity on the displaced fluid.