The fire is short.
The circuit is a socket that bleeds.
There is fire in the socket.
Last night I was shocked
to find
you on the phone
with him.
He is short.
His brain has no circuits.
There is no fire in his socket.

David Lawrence


I am a translator.
None of the languages are mine.
I speak in tongues.
I swallow God.
I talk sixteen languages
and understand none.
The meaning has drained out
of them like orange pulp.
The words are paints.
I draw pictures of your face
that don't mean anything.
They are colorful.
I put words next to your mouth
like a comic strip.
You make a lot of gaffs.
You are always explaining yourself.

David Lawrence

DAVID LAWRENCE has published more than a hundred poems in such journals as Minnesota Review, North American Review, Shenandoah, California Quarterly, The South Carolina Review, and many others.  His chapbooks include Blame It On the Scientists, Dementia Pugilistica, Steel Toe Boots, and Boxer Rebellion, which was turned into a movie and played at the Sundance Film Festival, starring him.  David Lawrence lives in New York City.