Remember that movie
where the beautiful Catherine
Deneuve carried a skinned rabbit
around in her purse? A metaphor
for female sexuality or the corruption
of society or maybe it was just a French
thing, maybe girls actually do this in France,
just like my daughter carries around a lint-stuck
roll of life-savers and my car always has french fries
stuck in the slots that hold the seats. And then there
was that scene where all these hands came out of the
wall and grabbed her or did they really want that ripe
red rabbit (it was a black and white film I'm pretty sure.)

I don't think I've eaten rabbit. The Guerrino family went
to live in Spain for a while in the seventies and the kids
saw rabbits in the market. They all liked one the best
and their mother nodded and they pointed and the
man picked it up and "whack" with the cleaver.
Oh. These same kids stood a few days later
and waved at all the military trucks and
tanks rolling by the bus stop. Every
one was so glad that the radio had
stopped playing speeches they
didn't understand and switch
ed to martial music that
they'd missed news
of the Revolution.

Kelley White

KELLEY WHITE has now had over 500 poems accepted or published by more than 150 journals.  She says, "My postman and I exchange fat bundles of letters every day.  I'm sure he appreciates e-mail submissions."  This is her second appearance in The Adirondack Review.