With the second printing of Jane Eyre, the author,
moved to generous passion in the high swept catherdal of success,
dedicated the book to William Makepeace Thackery whom she admired as the new light of a new society.

Not knowing

That only a year ago Thackery had risen like
A man in a football stadium spitting sideways
cursing a fumble when he learned the author was a female.

He told two ladies who spent their days inside knitting hand bags
That Charlotte Bronte was a tubercular spinster with many teeth missing,
pale and sunken , and altogeher so ugly she looked like her mother had fed her with a slingshot.
And that she would gladly give up all her fame to be half as pretty as they.

Charlotte Bronte of course kept her fame
And ah such fame! --
but you tell me what  it say about God,
that Charlotte,the women, and William Makepeace Thackery
Now all look the same.

Jo Neace Krause
JO NEACE KRAUSE's poetry and fiction appears often in various literary journals such as Yale Review, Exquisite Corpse, Witness, South Carolina Review, Web Del Sol, In Posse. She makes her living as a visual artist. Her painting hangs in the Art Museum of the University of Kentucky at Morehead and can be seen on Story South (archives), and on ASKART.

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