I am drinking again.
Vanilla vodka, so the cops won't come after me
when I sit in my car on white afternoons
& think of how it's as though the sun has been extinguished
because I am a windowpane
you've been looking through
instead of at
which must mean I'm made of glass,
hard & breakable in the same instant.

Andrea Grant

ANDREA GRANT has had over sixty poems published in literary journals in Canada and the U.S. including Afterthoughts, Amethyst Review, Arachnia, Beneath the Surface, COPIOUS Magazine, Illya's Honey, In Your Face!, Mondo Medeusah, Newsletter Inago, Poetry in Motion, Poetry Motel, Slacker Bonding, Slightly West, South Ash Press, and Unlikely Stories. Her body of work includes a series on mythology, taking fairy tales and myths and bringing them to life through the perspective of the characters, sometimes modernized. Her first novel, The Water Dream, is currently being shopped to publishers. She is the editor/publisher of COPIOUS Magazine, which features poetry, artwork, photography, urban music, and interviews. After dark, Andrea magically transforms into her superhero alter ego MINX, prowling around the city and creating havoc. She stops moving long enough to be rendered in comic book form, appearing in the pages of COPIOUS, and in various multimedia projects as well as onstage at live shows.