I want you to know that I am eating my three meals
breakfast, dinner and mini-bar, though today
I began the mini-bar second, not wanting
to leave for dinner before calling
There will be no sunset today
Yesterday the sky blazed ochre
but without you, save these poems


On Dutch TV is the "Adult Entertainment Network"
with ads for phone sex, bordellos and attire
I watched a show about making videos, especially
those involving the "double play"
which doesn't, by the way, include anything oral
Between shootings, the female directs the where and how much
and one of the two men explains the need to be kind to the girl
He is now also a director, with respect he'd never imagined
when he was just a porn star


In Noordwijk an Zee my nightly resolutions
blather in the morning's regret
building again like the tide and waiting
for tomorrow, fresh with dune grass
I am only held by your heart
like a dark planet around an orange sun

Richard Freed

RICHARD C. FREED is a professor in the Iowa State University English Department's program in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. He is an international consultant on proposal writing and author of The Variables of Composition, which won NCTE's best book award for research in scientific and technical communication, and Writing Winning Business Proposals, forthcoming in a 2nd edition from McGraw-Hill. Most recently, he has co-produced The Grants Workbench, the first web-based application that structures a writer's thinking and generates the first draft of a grant proposal, available at Freed is the Chief Executive Officer of