The Adirondack Review
  Fall 2002

Volume III, No. 2
© John Palcewski
French & German
Adirondack Voices
Mark Richner
Pamela Cranston
Indian Head Mountain
George McCall
Featured Poet
Chase Twichell
Chase Twichell
Ian Randall Wilson
Operating Theater
Photo: Arturo Patten
J.P. Dancing Bear
Remember Sammy Jenkis
Special: Interview with Carl Heilman
by Colleen Ryor
Durlabh Singh
The Watch
THE WATCH by Durlabh Singh
Lola Haskins
What You Want
Walt McDonald
Salvation in Texas Towns
My Mother Who Taught Tumbling
Barbara Lefcowitz
Rock & Tiger
Marck Beggs
Snapshots from the Millennium
Kristi Petersen
The Red Circle
Nick Antosca
A Cold Wet Kiss
Hallie Moore
A Journal of Trees
Louise Bogan is Robbed
Christine Boyka Kluge
Inchworm on the Windshield
Invisible Box
Chris Kocek
Caterpillar Crossing Road
Special: Interview with Carl Heilman
by Colleen Ryor
Running Up Spring Street  by Maria McDonnell
Aminadab  by Maurice Blanchot
ISSN: 1533-2063
Moveable Darkness  by Ron Houchin
Frank Attanasia
Blue Heron
Katherine Darnell
Tell Him Stories
The Glowing River  by Jack Myers
Richard Jordan
Rachael Nichols
The Crossroads Store
Matt Santateresa
Marianne Poloskey
At the Airport
Kathryn Rantala
JMW Turner
Richard Fein
Cetacean Creed
Ending It
Silvia Brandon Pérez
The Metaphysical Bartender
Older Canon Reading
Rochelle Mass
I Almost Had Them
R.L. Swihart
Forrest Bass
Piano Man
Stacey Fruits
Love Poem for a Panhandler
When My Stomach Speaks to
Me in Spanish
Crucible  by Daniel Bosch
Stacey Fruits
She Sits With Ghosts
Donald Dewey
Three Black Sweaters
Stephen Newton
When She Asked Questions
Peter Klein
Where We Are
Daniel Olivas
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Christian Peet
Lisa Haynes
Ward Kelley
Andrea Tillmanns
Kein Problem
Reinhard Bitter
Auf Gebeine gebaut
Der Liebe junger Traum
Michaela Gabriel
Das Ende der Liebe
Night of the Warehouses  by Stephen Oliver
Ash Wednesday  by Ethan Hawke
Diane Reynolds
Bill and Mary
What Good
Khadijah Queen
Neighborhood Ghazal
What Poor People Know
Chase Twichell:
Twelve Poems
"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

-- Frank Attanasia
In Memoriam: September 11, 2001
  Three Pictures
"The Two Bicycles" by Olivier Pivert
In Memoriam: September 11, 2001
Three Pictures
"Hope Road" by James Carroll
"Clint's Lips" by Tiffany Dozier
Winter 2002 Issue
Evolving Now, With Work Forthcoming from:

Barry Ballard
Tom Chandler
Page Dougherty
Denise Duhamel
Patricia Fargnoli
Ilya Kaminsky (Featured)
Barbara Lefcowitz
William Neumire
James Reidel
R.T. Smith
Lee Upton

Submissions for this issue open until mid-December
What Language  by J.P. Dancing Bear
D. Y. Béchard Translates Four Poems by Arthur Rimbaud
Oraison du Soir
La Maline
Au Cabaret-Vert: cinq heures du soir
Le Mal

Arthur Rimbaud