Fall 2001
Volume II, No. 2
The Adirondack Review
Featured Poet:
Walt McDonald
P o e t r y
F i c t i o n
F r e n c h   &   G e r m a n
R e v i e w s
Thomas Wooten
Early Morning Call
It Wasn't Always Such Fun
James Hammons
I'll Send You the Law
Allan Peterson
Rerun with Bernini
Fully Sufficient
David Chorlton:
Poetry of Christine Lavant (translated from the German)
Ace Boggess
Nuclear Sites May Always Be Unsafe
Natasha Sajé
Héloise to Abelard
Valerie Polichar
5 South, Central Valley
The Newly Dead
Glenn Cooper
Walt McDonald
Kelley White
Foreign War
Uquiza Vicente
St. Darwin
David Starkey
Taverna Moderna
Sam Rasnake
After Kubrick
Leigh Radtke
Pink Flowers in the Dark Could Learn to Cut Trees
Mitchell Metz
Peter Gow
Dennis Must
Lily Pond
James Owens: An Original Poem in French
Paysage autobiographique
Ace Boggess Reviews New Book of Poems by Adrienne Rich
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Frank Matagrano, Featured Poet

D.C. Berry
Janet Buck
Rochelle Mass
Bill Trudo
Michael Waters

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Nathan Leslie