Because in Damariscotta this morning
I had French toast on wheat so thick
I could only eat a single slice;

and before that at the post office in Alna
the woman who directed me to E.A. Robinson's house
had an accent that could cut a poet's throat;

because in Bristol this afternoon
I read a local newspaper so wide
I couldn't hold it open on my lap;

because in Brunswick this evening
I listened to a poet read poems about Russia
he'd written in a Chinese restaurant;

and after that at the Starlight Cafe in Bath
when one man said he was a shoo-in for Hell
another man said the devil was getting gyped;

and because in Old Orchard Beach tonight
a mortician is trying to figure out
what to do with the ashes of someone

who was cremated over twenty years ago
that no one from the dead man's family
has ever come forward and claimed.

George Drew
GEORGE DREW was born in Mississippi and raised there and in New York, where he currently resides. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as The Amherst Review, Antioch Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Chiron Review, Cimarron Review, Connecticut Review, Hollins Critic, Maine Times, Mississippi Review, The Quarterly, Quarterly West, Salmagundi, The South Dakota Review, Southern Poetry Review, Vermont Literary Review, and many others. Toads in a Poisoned Tank, his first book, was published in 1986, and a chapbook, So Many Bones (Poems of Russia), in 1997 by a Russian press, in a bilingual edition. One of his poems received an Honorable Mention in the Robert Frost Foundation's poetry competition, 2002, and another will be appearing in The Breath of Parted Lips: Volume II, an anthology for The Frost Place, Cavankerry Press. This is his first on-line publication.
The Adirondack Review
Photo: Olivier Pivert