DAVID BARNES was born in 1943 in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia. He began writing at 18 years of age when he took up folk guitar, song writing, and performing at folk centers around mainland Australia and Tasmania. He worked as a carpenter in Melbourne, leaving for the bush in the early 60's, finally settling in Perth in 1972. He worked as a real estate agent for 24 years until the death of his wife, becoming a full-time writer/poet in 1996. He has been an active Internet poet and has been published in Australia, America, and England. Recently he was published in the Paris/Atlantic: an International Journal of Creative Work, Spring issue, 2000. He is also the publisher of Poetry Downunder, an online poetry site in Perth, Western Australia.

It's all one; beyond the skin
        creation of
               chaos &   perfection
             inside and out God is there;

look --

            the bearded man
                his head
          set on silver, as a gift --
               ate locusts & wild-honey
         And God was there --
   his countenance on the platter.

David Barnes
The Adirondack Review