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My paintings and drawings develop out of my own physical activity, mental exertion and the drama of nature, all of which are cornerstones of my life. My work starts with ink drawings and digital sketches record my experience and my paintings are built from and exaggerate them. While pouring color puddles over large panels and articulating competing marks, the paint swells and spreads under the pressure of my breath forced through straws. As I paint, Iʼm in conversation with color. An orange seems to shout at me and I respond by pouring blue on its face and scratching at it. This dialogue is playful, dynamic and fantastical; real. The place that grows below my feet transports me to thoughts of tomorrow's adventure.

DAVID KVAM IS a 29 year old artist and art teacher living and working in Glens Falls, NY. Having grown up in Vermont and spent many of his formative years in southern Saratoga County, the Adirondack region has always been a place of inspiration, excitement and fascination. David is an avid outdoor enthusiast and  spends his spare time satisfying his love of ski racing, hiking and cycling. He graduated in 2004 from Nazareth College of Rochester with a degree in art education and completed an MFA from SUNY Albany in 2010.