Duplicity disguises breaking a taboo. I'll wear it better
than pretending two days with you would have no effect,

not even on events you'd call alchemy as if you're capable
of extricating impossibility. I could say how easy it is

to be impressed with Janus turning his head in a small
wooden temple where two gates are open to war and

closed for peace. I have no gory mouth but I'm held fast
by a hundred chains of bronze knotted behind my back.

Virgil said this and maybe he understands I'll never walk
a street named Argiletum because you already have a wife.

Alison Daniel
ALISON DANIEL lives and works in Australia. Her work has been published in Pierian Springs, Tryst, Taint, The Absinthe Literary Review, August Cutter, Eleven Bulls, 42 Opus and many other fine journals.
The Adirondack Review