See them as the spirit of the best of what we are --
see them as faith.

See them as love. They fight to reach the headwaters.
See them as something greater than our sums,
aquifers of our strength.

See them as they are, determined to give all,
their own, for a stranger.

See them as heroic, knowing they will not return.
See them carry on their shoulders everything they need
to send us back another soul.

J.P. Dancing Bear
J. P. DANCING BEAR's poems have been published or are forthcoming in Verse Daily, Atlanta Review, Seattle Review, Poetry International, Midwest Quarterly, Permafrost and many others. He is Editor-In-Chief of The DMQ Review and the host of "Out of Our Minds," a weekly poetry program on public radio station KKUP. He is the winner of the 2002 Slipstream Press Poetry Prize for his chapbook, What Language. In 2004 Turning Point Press will release his full-length collection, Billy Last Crow.