-- after Memento

Someone has slipped
another note under
the door -- a message
claiming to know me.

Familiarity is a parlor trick.
I practice to make it instinct.
I must tattoo this fact
under my sleeve.

The note wants me
to answer the telephone.
I remember Sammy
as my inked hand instructs;
Another man without
a recent history --
a clean chalkboard,
my repeated lesson.

I write a note
to take better notes.
What did I just say
into the phone?
Who is this?
I would kill
for a new memory.

J.P. Dancing Bear
J. P. DANCING BEAR's is the Editor-in-Chief of the DMQ Review . He is the host of "Out of Our Minds" a weekly radio show dedicated to poetry on public radio station KKUP.  His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Potpourri, Ellipsis, Clackamas Literary Review, Rattle, Clay Palm Review and Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review.  His chapbook, What Language, won the 2002 Slipstream Press Chapbook Prize.