So many love poems swim in my head
each rippling with silver skin
under a moon that can only sing light.

When I touch you like this
700 verses are written and lost.
Then we make love

in the aftermath of the city where once
we constructed incredible architecture,
sculptures, paintings, frescos and gardens.

I sift through dusty rocks,
an archeologist looking
for just one surface

to write a love poem on.

J.P. Dancing Bear


It's a glass of white wine these days
not scotch and smoke in a lounge
the way I used to enjoy jazz.
It's a cd player and afternoon light
with Coltrane playing a tune
that still touches the ghosts I carry.
In his saxophone are empty spaces,
he made just for spirits to cry in
just for me to listen.

J.P. Dancing Bear

J. P. DANCING BEAR's poems have appeared in hundreds of publications including Ellipsis, Clackamas Literary Review, Mid-American Poetry Review, Potpourri and Mochila Review.   He is Editor-In-Chief of the DMQ Review (formerly Disquieting Muses) and the host of "Out of Our Minds," a weekly poetry program on public radio station KKUP.