Last night a storm blew in. Not having seen rain
for quite a while, I went out onto the front porch
to watch the show. Great blankets of cloud
wandering across the sky. The gutters over-
flowing. All that water
reminding me again
of how much I'd like to live
near a lake or some slow, deep river.
Just me, in a little log cabin, alone
with a few books and some music. A little
place where on wet days I could sit
at the window and watch the rain
streak the glass. Or else look out
over the lake, thinking of other times, other
places. My dog long dead, my family gone
the same way. This is how I see myself
as an old man. Soft and sentimental.
The lake. The rain. Memories of a woman
who said no. Everything moving
towards its natural end.

Glenn Cooper
GLENN COOPER lives in Tamworth, Australia.  He likes rainy days, junk food, and sad music. Influences include Bob Dylan, Arthur Rimbaud,Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and Philip Levine. Glenn's previous publishing credits include Wired Art From Wired Hearts, Free Verse Journal, Panda, Micropress Oz, and many others.  This is his second appearance in TAR.