An open breeziness, as in Miro,
but anamorphosed so that when
seen from an angle, the threads
and microbes dissolve, coagulating
into boats rooted at San Agustin,
their stunted masts meshed against
a liquid Majorca moon rising
between the blue and the blue.
Perfect, you think - and turn around
to where an obscenity greets you,
scrawled above the seats in the
sidewalk, smearing the edge of
the canvas where I would have signed.

Avik Chanda

AVIK CHANDA is a management consultant and freelance writer, with several articles, art reviews, and short stories published in Indian dailies. Solo exhibition of paintings at Kolkata, June 2001. Poetry publications include Poetry Today, Sulekha, King Log and Poetry Splash. Avik's poems will be appearing in a forthcoming issue of the Black Bear Review