demonstrates a blinding faith
in personal aerodynamics-
flow charts studied, wind
currents-Archimedes dis-
placement of weights considered
as an imbalance of correctable
faults-one of many he could
overcome through judicious
planning, exertions of physical
strengths aided by man's devicing-
avian properties studied and
reproduced, a gliding motion
sought through handmade pro-
pellants, the great notion of soaring-
ideal elevation attainments-the core
dreamt element; glancing up once
to further consider the heights,
he adjusts shoulder strappings,
flexes artifical wings, jumps.

Alan Catlin
ALAN CATLIN has been publishing in the "littles" and "not so littles" since the middle seventies. During that time he has managed to publish some forty-five or so chapbooks of prose and poetry. After a lengthy delay, he is eagerly awaitng the publication of a Selected Poems from Pavement Saw Press. This is his first appearance in TAR.
The Adirondack Review