The Lexington Herald-Leader, Aug. 8, 2000
Did you think you could shine a lantern
in the hall of mirrors without seeing
infinite bounce, glass distortions
thin as lightning, wide like flames?

You confess a sense of wonder
contaminates your thoughts as you ask
what went wrong. You are that king
whose touch turned all to gold

a gold that killed. You have touched cities, lovers,
bottles of wine & the bourbon you need on longer days
when conscience sings. If we could,
we would forgive you, but your hands

have distracted us with monuments that
last almost forever, to such a time when we
& you are not memories, not even
ideas the many despise, not anymore.

Ace Boggess

ACE BOGGESS, having had poems appear in Harvard Review, Notre Dame Review, Antietam Review, Clackamas Literary Review and many other journals, recently was awarded a fellowship from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. For more info, visit his homepage.   Ace has been in every issue of TAR since its inception.