Zohar and India, stepsisters,
High in the kingdom of giggledom,
meet Sandalphon and Metatron,
who tell them the real story of the World:
King David stayed exclusively with Michal
where as Bathsheba seduced Joseph -
he doesn't resist. The Temple was built;
not by Solomon but by Esther's son, Darius.
Amnon did not appear and he does not commit
Incest with Tamar, which turns her into a prophetess
instead of a victim. Adam and Eve do not eat
the apple, but a mango and remain blessedly
naïve. Everyone who follows remains naked
and the clothing industry is not born, and not cars,
and not fertilizers, and not pet supplies and word
processors - people only write in the air with their voices.

Kim Ben-Porat
KIM BEN-PORAT has had  work recently published in Tight and Illuminations and was listed with Glimmer Train for one of 25 best short stories this June. She has been living in Israel for 25 years and has just moved to California for a year with her four kids. She has a completed novel and book of interviews she needs to find a publisher for.