Staircase Descending a Woman (upside down)
Love Letter from Susan Sontag to Camille Paglia as Narrated by Robert Bly
At Least the Sun is Shining
Last Self-Portrait
First Self-Portrait as Ghost Visiting Where They Buried All the Cats
Climbed Down The Anchor From the Moon & Drowned In the Air
ARIA RIDING is a full time artist who focuses on issues that trouble her. Her work attempts to face deception and to empathize with “inconvenient or forbidden” parts of our lives. She is the co-founder of the underground performance space, Psychomachia Theater, and the art/performance companies Lost Dance Project, Danse Perdue, Death Posture, and Daipan Butoh. She is also a member of Inbetween Butoh Co. and the noise/blues band Caligula Cartel and an organizer for Butoh Off (Switzerland). She has performed, taught, exhibited work and been hosted by companies in America, Europe and Russia.