Near Loon Lake, 7/5/2002

Back beyond eatery,
Loon Lake in the foreground,
Lies marsh, bog-filled, beaver lean-tos,
Sentinel standing, an island,
Within center, spy, Blue Heron,
Beak in profile, feathers a mixed palette,
Predominate hue seemed bronze,
Blue Heron, despite outer armor,
Where is thy blue?
Solitary fishing,
Capturing a captive, neck raised in triumph,
Longish, like a giraffe
Wings extend, now see sun reflecting blue,
Take-off, fly steadily safe, azure friend
Enjoy most deserved dinner
Darwin somewhere applauds,
You leave me looking at sky, bearing your first name,
And my reverie, broken by the call "Your table is ready, sir,
See anything interesting?"

Frank Attanasia
FRANK ATTANASIA is a Synodically rostered deacon from Brooklyn, New York. Since a boy he has enjoyed spending time in the Adirondacks with his family. This is his second appearance in
The Adirondack Review.