PARIS by Michael Usyk
"When people tell me of the exotic trips they have taken across the country, or around the world, some of which I have had the good fortune to take as well, it is always to the Adirondacks that my heart returns."

— Frank Attanasia
The Adirondack Review
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46er Prize
Simona Chitescu
Story in the late style of a city
Jendi Reiter
And Sarai Said
Winter 2008-09

Volume IX
No. 4
Samplings Of Black Lawrence Press Titles
Felicia Urso
Better Off
Visions and Burdens
by Jo Neace Krause
Amy Gottfried
A Clever Tongue in His Head
Luan Hall Pitsch
The Wild and Amazing Story
In the Mail:

Joyce Carol Oates sent in a congratulatory post card after reading The Last Game We Played by Jo Neace Krause, referring to the stories therein as "strange and gripping."
Saeed Jones
Mary Magdalene
Saeed Jones
Death in Bed
Alex Cigale
There Are Many Things We Can't Understand
Philippa Dowding
Then that summer, Daniel
Mark Jackley
Later on Our Wedding Night,
Two Silences in the House
Gene Washington
Mountain Streams
Apple Girl by D. Bruce Edwards
Reviewed by K. T. Mitchell
The Last Person to Hear Your Voice by Richard Shelton
Reviewed by Evan Hanczor
To Siberia by Per Patterson
Reviewed by Jake Davis
Holding Pattern by Jeffery Renard Allen
Reviewed by Jonathan Maxwell
Ghosts, Goblins, Gods, Geodes by Pamela Laskin
Reviewed by Ben Nardolilli
Being Written by William Conescu
Reviewed by Cicily Janus
Queer Cinema in Europe Edited by Robin Griffiths
Reviewed by Farhana Uddin
Jason Watt
Miller's Line
Dean West
The Bearded Lady
Therese Doucet
Art and Human Sacrifice
an excerpt from Neither Here Nor There
James Reidel
New Poems
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