SHERRI: A little bit about me: I am a self taught artist. Since I have never had any formal training, I have no boundaries; I like to paint whatever I am feeling at that moment. You can tell by my pieces how I felt when I painted the piece. Some are bright and cheery, some not so much. One of the series I am most proud of is my braille series. This was completely inspired by my daughter. She is blind. Many times she would sit by my side as I painted and ask many questions: what am I painting? what color? is it a tree? what are the shapes? So for the most part I would do my best to describe it to her. Which got me to thinking: why does art have to be purely visual? I work with texture and shapes so much everyday, how about concentrating more on how the piece feels. Many pieces in my shop have either braille incorporated into them or a lot of texture. My daughter just loves to come and put her little hands all over my pieces. I love to create and I do it because it makes me happy. I have paintings all over the world, China, Iceland, France and even Germany, all of which I am very proud of. I could not do this without the support of my wonderful family. I have a terrific husband and three beautiful children who are my strength and inspiration. I hope this has opened up a little window for you into my world. I don't take days to think about a piece, there is no planning or contemplating it is just me, Mom of three, painting from my heart.