Where I Have Been While the Tamarind

The fitful shade sleeping
In scarlet metronomes of foxgloves

The galloping heart, a seahorse
In  grassy oceans of eardrums

The light as it dies slowly
In the green cleft of silence

The spaces, always the spaces
The inklings orphaned by distance

The angle of dreaming’s elbow
The bone of  your sea at evening

The ash flicked from Time’s finger
The pages burnt at the heart

The toes of shell and somnolence
The cool eloquence of stone-song

The air slapped blue with washing
The last rites of indigo and mica

The earth giving up its secrets
At the watery hands of gloaming

SOPHIA PANDEYA's work straddles many divides of  politics, religion, ethnicity, geography  and culture. Born in Karachi, Pakistan to Shia and Sunni parents of ethnically Indian descent, she left Pakistan in 1986 in pursuit of greater artistic freedom. After living and working for two and a half years in Thailand, she migrated to the US in 1988 eventually receiving political asylum. Sophia's  writing and art has been published in a print anthology, Spilled Ink, published in 2000 by Premiere Generation Ink, and online magazines such as Monsoon and Premiere Generation Ink online. Her work can be viewed at
http://rootsandwings.tumblr.com and www.kaya-kalpa.org.