NANCY GRACE HORTON: As a photographic artist it is my intention to create mystery.   With an expansive unfolding idea of volume and spatial interest, I use texture in bold, graphic color fields and in lines that create depth and shadow, minimalist and painterly.

Entrada I, my first photo taken in this series in 1989, initially connected me to the startling observation that ancient portals can be photographed as a communicated invitation to exploring one’s self.   This image of three archways of bronzed historic stucco leads one into a long expanse of intrigue and hopefulness.  Drenched in texture and palate, the photograph looks like a painting, giving no indication of its medium.

This entire on going body of work in the ENTRADA series communicates a visually literal yet symbolic imagery with themes that resonate to people all around the world.

This photographic work in progress is leading me to explore urban compositions (cities, subways), where I am dramatically experimenting with a variety of substrates, including canvas, fabric, metal and other mediums such as tar, acrylic medium and encaustic.

Regardless of my composition, I emphasize a mysticism that evokes self contemplation and personal inquire.

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