The Childless Couple

The genetic experiment stops here.
It cannot go on family after family,
Devoted generations, with no plan
For conclusion, no defined
Output, no special blue ribbon report.
The data is wasted, the controlled
Variables lapse into pure whim:
Good science descended into the hunch,
The expedient, a tawdry moment
Of unfounded conclusion.  What
It could have been long ago
Has fallen into contamination, muddle.
It is long enough.
Take your double helix, your
Chains of amino peptides, your lucky
Deoxyribonucleic acid, your
Bedroom stares and short summer nights
With the air itself full and satisfied,
The sweat across our backs and thighs
Disorderly, and selflessly proud to be so.
Study the years of precision invested, passion,
The ploddingly presumed next phase of this
Trial, the ponderous expectation.  Take it.
Take it all, and please just
Go away.

In the first act, KEN POYNER published in a number of journals like West Branch, Iowa Review, Greensboro Review, etc.  For the second act, after about a fifteen year intermission, he has appeared in Eclectica, Foliate Oak, Blue Collar Review, and elsewhere.  His chapbook Sciences, Social, came out in 1995.  He has been married over 30 years to Karen, who is one of the world’s premier raw power lifters.  That one’s work should at least be surprising is the goal that he hopes to be trudging toward.